Q seventh seal

do you think death was mad he didn’t get the actors and their child?

discussion question: lukinbeal and zimmermann

in film production, doubling is used sometimes. what are two major reasons for doubling?

Lukinbeal and Zimmerman:  Do you see films as active agents remapping the relationship between trade, cultural meaning and politics?

12 Monkeys: Where exactly did the number 12 and monkeys come in?   Is there significance in the patients and the doctor wearing white?

La Jetee:  Which is more powerful still photos or filming?



Lukinbeal and Zimmermann

The authors describe how the “doubling” of locations is often viewed as a crime against geographic realism.  How do you feel about the use of doubling in a period film when the modern day true location is no longer a realistic image of the time period being represented?

La Jetee

Do you think a film like this, which uses still photographs, would be more or less difficult to make than one which uses motion photography.  What are some of the unique technical challenges a filmmaker would likely face when trying to shoot a movie like this with a still camera?

12 Monkeys

There is a scene in 12 Monkeys where Bruce Willis and Madeline Stowe’s characters are in a theater that is playing Hitchcock’s Vertigo.  It is the scene where they are looking at the growth rings of the sequoia tree.  There is also a similar scene in La Jetee, featuring the same felled tree which happens to be at the Muir Woods National Monument in California.  What are some of the negative effects that can be caused by a place’s repeated exposure in film?

Q:12 Monkeys

Whats with Pitts character, Jeffery Goines? His mouth is moving in a lot of the shots but the sound is off.  But only for him.  Everyone elses sound matches the lip movement.  Did he replace
someone or was that another distortion trick to show his craziness?

Question – La Jetee

The only copy I got to see was off of Youtube and in a different language, so with that said the whole movie was basically just still frames, what was it about?

Readings – Lukinbeal & Zimmermann

J.K. Wright “proposed that geographers should not only be concerned with the traditional “core area” of formal geographical studies (objective studies), but should also investigate “peripheral areas” in their research (subjective studies).” What does he mean by this and do you agree?


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